Our Herstory

The Women’s Decade played a very critical role, not for Government but for the women. Women‘s awareness came to the fore and they had the official space to organize, network and mobilize each other…When we formed the Kenya NGO Organizing Committee, we did not have an agenda. However, we soon began to understand our role and organized ourselves for the meeting in Arusha. When we came back from Arusha, we had an additional mandate to help African women organize themselves to come to Nairobi…After the Nairobi Forum, we had to create FEMNET and I remember sitting over nights to write proposals and the constitution to register FEMNET in order to have an office space, but in the mean time we used to meet here. This very veranda – is where FEMNET was born… Our driving force was how to get maximum voices from the African continent in Nairobi (‘85) and beyond for at that time the African woman’s voice was not heard in the international arenas.”