FEMNET – a Pan-African Feminist Network of over 500 women’s rights organizations continues to promote women’s rights and the gender equality agenda.
FEMNET is about mobilizing and connecting our members – strengthening their capacities to organize and participate effectively in the development processes at different levels in Africa.
FEMNET is about informing and sharing ideas, experiences, strategies and models that are working for women’s empowerment and gender equality.
Yes, FEMNET is about influencing policymakers and other actors to create an enabling environment and avail adequate resources for the realization of gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Are you a member? Join FEMNET membership and together we can make gender equality and women’s empowerment a reality!

FEMNET membership is open to:

  • African feminist organizations
  • Organizations that share FEMNET’s vision
  • Organizations dealing with women’s rights issues at national, sub-regional and regional levels, and in the diaspora.

Membership rates

Membership is renewable each year at the following rates:

  • International/regional organizations: USD300
  • Sub-regional organizations: USD200
  • National organizations: USD100
  • Individuals: USD20 (associate membership only)

Organization Member Benefits

  • Profiling of member organizations in FEMNET’s publications and other information tools. Members receive on regular basis copies of various publications published by FEMNET, which include FEMNET flagship newsletters – Our Rights and FEMNET News;
  • FEMNET works closely with member organizations in the advocacy of regional, sub- regional and national based campaigns that seek to promote women’s rights and gender equality issues;
  • Members receive monthly updates and information on women, gender and development issues in Africa through the monthly Electronic Bulletin;
  • FEMNET continuously shares information on training, capacity building and resource mobilisation opportunities. In supporting members in their fundraising efforts, FEMNET provides (at request) a recommendation letter for fully paid-up member organisations to potential donors/ partners;
  • Member organisations have the opportunity to host and co-ordinate FEMNET events in their respective countries;
  • Representatives of member organisations that are fully paid-up have voting rights in FEMNET’s General Assembly and to contest for any position on the Executive Board and/or Board of Trustees, once seconded by their organisation;
  • National Focal Point organisations that manage to mobilise more than 10 members in their country or sub- region have the opportunity to be recognized and profiled in all the FEMNET publications and information tools;
  • FEMNET engages in capacity building for member organisations, for example participating in educational visits and personnel exchange programmes;
  • Fully paid up organisations are included in the Membership database.

Individual Member Benefits

  • Receive free copies of the FEMNET Publications, which include the newsletters – Our Rights and FEMNET News and the monthly E-Bulletin;
  • Participate in the Programming Conference, held every three years to debate critical issues around women’s rights and development and set priorities for the Network (active members are selected to represent the sub- region) The next PC will take place in 2010;
  • Receive motivational and inspiring news from other Network members on best practices and break-through initiatives that are transforming the lives of women in different parts of Africa;
  • Access to diverse information resources in FEMNET’s Gender and Development Resource Centre;
  • Contribute articles to FEMNET publications and for the Website;
  • Included in the FEMNET African Women’s Experts database and could be contracted to undertake research and consultancy assignment for FEMNET or recommended to other organizations;
  • Receive regular update on women, gender and development issues in Africa;
  • Sponsorship to regional and international meetings when funds are available.

You can join or subscribe by submitting the completed membership form below. (link to the Forms on the current site)

NB: You can pay your membership fees by the following:

Membership fees can reach us via telegraphic transfer (please contact our office for bank details), Western Union or courier/registered mail. Kindly note that our bank does not accept international cheques for less than USD100.

If you send your fees of less than USD100 via telegraphic transfer, please add USD15 to cover the bank’s commission. If you send cash, please note that our banks do not accept USD dated before 2000.