International Day Of The Girl Child

“My Voice, Our Equal Future!”


By Doricas Kinyonga, Tanzania

Rainstorm in the desert, a feeling in my heart, 

I thought everything was perfect, but now it’s falling apart, 

child marriage and inequality has brought me to New places, 

with a big luggage and solidarity, I am ready to the faces 

My parents left me questions 


Just because I am a girl!!! 

I watched my brother go to school, 

I watched my friends rapped whole, 

But because poverty left us weaker, 

I fetched a bucket full of water, 

My community left me questions 

Just because I am a girl!!! 


Gender-based violence, female genital manipulation, 

with lots of hindrances, I couldn’t reach my destination, 

It placed me down and took my crown, 

My virginity has gone so I keep singing my sorrow song, 

But because I didn’t go to school this I what I’ve become, 

my body left me questions 

Just because I am a girl!!! 


A glaze of tears but still I rise, 

My soul with fears law breakers I despise, 

Child labour and abuse, gave me a surprise, 

Fate and challenges they followed me I suppose, 

My parents left me questions 

Just because I am a girl!!! 


Caring like mother Teresa, let me not lose my dream, 

Passionate like Oprah, let me not flatter with tears, 

Intelligent like Marie curie, let me not vision 

Respected like queen Elizabeth let me not worth, 

I am she, not hesitating not worrying 

I am she, bold, tough and strong minded 

So much has been done 

No time for more fun 

I need my answers, for the question left behind 

Just because I am a girl!!!.  

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