Dear Sisters,

Please join us in condemning the stripping of women in Malawi by endorsing the Strip-Me-Not Campaign.

The Strip-Me-Not Campaign is an initiative of the Solidarity for African Women’s Rights [1](SOAWR) Coalition after learning that street venders in Malawi are stripping women and girls wearing trousers and short skirts. The campaign aims at standing in solidarity as African women to offer support to women and girls in Malawi by way of mobilizing many other women from across the African continent to denounce this barbaric act that violates women’s rights.

SOWAR is calling on all women and men of goodwill to endorse the Strip-Me-Not Campaign Statement.

The Statement with all signatories will be delivered to Embassies of Malawi across Africa, Office of the President of Malawi, Ministry of Gender and media houses in Malawi and Africa on 3rd February, 2012.

Your endorsements (name, organization, country and signature) should be sent to before the end of day on 30th January, 2012.

Kindly circulate this call for action to your various constituencies in your country.

In sisterhood,

Solidarity for African Women’s Rights (SOAWR) Coalition
Dinah Musindarwezo
Executive Director FEMNET

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  • ZeroByZawadi  January 28, 2012 at 9:00 am

    This is great! Please share the statement so we know what we are endorsing and also spread the word to other African sisters in the continent and in the diaspora. Also, I wonder if there are other easier ways to get endorsements, in addition to email? I know there’s There was also a suggestion to start a Strip-Me-Not campaign facebook page – has this already been done. This would provide a platform for ppl to share their views but also get support from folks who are easier to get on facebook and not on email. Or if there’s already a SOAWR facebook page, then that would also be ideal. What do you think?

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