In 2017, FEMNET hosted the first African Feminist Macroeconomic Academy (AFMA). AFMA was informed by a series of consultations with women’s rights groups as well as African feminist economists who pointed to the need to increase capacity to influence macroeconomic policies on the continent and globally as a strategy. The academy is an intensive capacity development initiative targeting gender advocates, activists, movement leaders, journalists and networks working towards achieving women’s rights and gender equality. The aim of AFMA is to deepen their understanding of how macroeconomic policies shape the lived realities of the women whose lives they are working to transform. This in turn will translate to their ability to influence mainstream macroeconomic policy processes and outcomes all the way from local to global levels. To ensure transformative impact on global, regional and national macroeconomic policies is sustained, there needs to be a deliberate investment in a critical mass of advocates that are articulate and have the tools to push for inclusive and gender transformative economies.

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