In our current Strategic Plan (2014-2018), FEMNET’s work in the next five years aim to ensure that African women’s organizations, lobby groups, decision-makers, like-minded organizations as well as men take action to create an environment that supports gender equality and social justice.

The strategic priorities in this plan are deciphered from proposals on how to respond to the past experiences, anticipated environment and recommendations from the evaluation of the last strategic plan and systems audit.

These are:-

  1. Advocate for African women’s rights to be recognized in key policy and development frameworks. FEMNET is keen to mobilize African women to hold governments to account on the following priority areas:
  •        Harmful practices with specific reference to female genital mutilation (FGM) and early marriage.
  •        Violence against women and girls.
  •        Women in political leadership and decision making.
  •        Sexual and reproductive health and rights.
  •        Women and the economy. 


  1. Maximize on the ever-growing membership of FEMNET by increasing the capacity of members, staff and board in the following priority areas:-
  •        Organizational development
  •        Resource mobilization
  •        Networking and communication
  •        Lobbying and advocacy skills.


  1. Strategically link national, regional and global level activities to contribute to enabling women in Africa to be better informed, able to meaningfully engage in and influence processes at all levels, using cutting edge communication tools and platforms to tell and document their stories and contribute to the body of knowledge on women’s rights. Priority areas include:-
  •        Strengthening the capacity of women’s organizations to access information and manage knowledge.
  •        Create and manage platforms to share information, ideas, strategies and experiences for cross-learning and        implementation.
  •        Increase know-how of, access to and control over ICTs.
  •        Address insensitive and regressive reporting on gender issues.
  1. Strengthen governance and management for organizational effectiveness.


We welcome you to join/support us in realizing our vision of “An African society where gender equality is achieved and women and girls enjoy all their rights and live in dignity”.