Religion is no Excuse

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By Mohammed Garain Elmi
“Conservative religious clerics and some government officials who blame women, saying they invite harassment and sexual abuse by mixing with men.” (Source). So what they’re saying is that men can’t control themselves. BUT the men want complete authority. Does this make sense?
Clearly and sadly, these males have been raised to believe that they can do anything they want to women, they then blame the women for what they have done and their uncivilized behavior.
It is sad how Muslims are abusing Islam, yet, they run around the world and preach that other people are the ones that makes Islam look bad. Where do men have the right to harass a mother or sister on the streets of a Muslim nation, in which chapter in the Qur’an is he permitted to do so? The Koran actually says that EVERY PERSON MUST read the Koran for themselves, in order to be a good Muslim. Therefore girls must be educated well enough to read the Koran. These men conveniently ignore that Koranic commandment because it goes against their culture and misogynistic ways.
The prophet Mohammed (PBUH) met his first wife when he accepted a job as HER employee, to go work as a manager of HER business. That is also conveniently glossed over by these men.
Again, local culture has warped and twisted the religion to their own selfish purpose. It’s about power, not about morality.
The masses of men over there have no jobs, no power, no money, no say and they take it out on the women, just like a man in the Western world who gets emasculated by his boss at work might come home and take it out on his wife. Those in charge want to keep it that way, for fear those men will turn that anger onto those in charge instead.
If Egypt’s unemployment rate went from 25% (with very few women working, so really it’s closer to over 50%) to 5%, a lot of this rage would go away…

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